Account Information’s

Do I open an account?

It's really easy to create an account, just click on "My Account" and select "New Customers" to enter your details. Please note that you can only register in standard English characters. Please click "My Account", enter your email address and password that you used when opening your account and click "Sign in now".

It is easy to forget your password:

If you do not remember your password, click "Forgot Password" and follow Instructions. We will create a temporary password for you, which will be sent to your registered email address. To make your password more secure: Combine letters, numbers, and symbols, make it long.

Labssa Store allows passwords to consist of 6 to 12 characters. The longer the password, the more secure it. Use words and phrases that are difficult for people to guess. Avoid your name or your birthday. Do not use sequences or repeated letters, For example, "12345678" or "qwerty".

I forgot the password:

If you do not remember your password, click on "Forgot Password" and follow the instructions.

We will create a temporary password for you, which will be sent to your registered email address.

If you enter your password incorrectly 3 times, you will be prompted to enter a unique code that appears on your screen to proceed.

Update my password:

How can I change my password? Simply log in to "My Account" and select the "Reset Password" link.

We will create a temporary password for you, which will be sent to your registered email address.

I want to change the Marketing information I receive :

I want to change the marketing information I receive If you want to update the marketing information you receive from us, just log into 'My Account' and tick / uncheck the box after 'Communication preferences' and click 'Update'. You can also unsubscribe at the bottom of a recent promotional email. Simply click on the "unsubscribe" link and select "unsubscribe".

If you unsubscribe from our marketing emails, you will not receive information about the latest offers, sales and the next sale date on our website. It may take a few days for our records to be updated so don't worry if you receive any emails within this time.

Shopping with Labssastore

Placing an order

Note: Labssa store that provides wholesale service only

Caution :must respect the choice of quantities when shopping

Minimum quantity of product means the number of pieces in the series

The demand is not less than the minimum quantity and more than that is twice the number only; For example: "5.10.15 ..."

You must have a Labssa account to place an order. If you're an existing customer, you can enter your registered email address and password to sign in before starting your order.

To place an order, simply click on an item, select the Quantity and press ‘Add to Bag’.

If you know the item number, you can enter this into the search box or use our ‘Quick shop’ option.

You can also browse our categories using the drop-down menus at the top of the page. Once you’ve finished shopping, just select ‘Go to Checkout’ from your shopping bag.

If you don’t have a Labssa account, don’t worry you can create one at the checkout.

You can then choose your method of payment and complete your order.

We will send an email confirmation to your registered email address once the order has gone through; this can take a few hours to arrive.

Remember to check your junk and spam folder too! If you’d like to place your order by phone, we’re open 24 hours a day.

Please note we can only take orders over the phone if you’re paying by credit or debit card. The billing address of your credit or debit card must match your delivery address.

I can't check out:

If you’re unable to continue to checkout, please check that there are no ‘Sold Out’ items in your shopping bag.

Simply remove these before continuing to place your order.

We’re really sorry, you can’t pre-order or reserve items at this time.

Changing my order 

Can I change an order?

We process orders quickly so that your items arrive as soon as possible.

This means we’re unable to change your order once you’ve placed it.

The only exception to this is if you want to cancel an item that is on delay.

Please contact us and we can help you with this. When you receive your order, please take a look at the items. If you still feel they aren’t suitable, just return them to us for a full refund using your preferred method. Please be aware postage must be paid by the sender and won’t be refunded by LabssaStore.

Saving my Shopping Bag 

You can save items in your basket using the save for later button.

This feature is exclusive to full price items only.

Save for later is not available during sale periods.

Can I see my previous Orders?  

We’re sorry, it’s not possible to see your order history on your account. Just check your order confirmation email; this will show all the items you've ordered and the expected delivery date.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email within 24 hours of placing your order but have been charged, please let us know and we can check this for you.

Help with and order 

Has my order gone through?

If you’re unsure if your order has been processed, please check if you've received an order confirmation email from us.

This should be sent as soon as you’ve placed your order.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email after an hour, let us know and we’ll check this for you.

Can I order a catalogue or brochure ?

We’re really sorry, it’s not possible to order a catalogue or brochure. You can shop our extensive range of products online.


What payment methods can I use ?  

1/ We accept the following credit cards: Master Card VisaCard, Paysera. 2/  And payment Cache.

The card must be registered to the account address. We are unable to accept Cards that are due to expire within the next 5 days.

Card details are checked and verified by a third party and goods are dispatched once authorization has been obtained.

Deleting a saved card

Simply go to ‘My Account’ and select the option ‘Manage Saved Cards’. Choose the card you’d like to delete, and select the ‘Delete Card’ option.

This will be removed from your account immediately.

I can't make a payment

Some banks require further security checks before allowing a card payment to be processed.

If your card payment is declined at the checkout, please contact your bank directly who will be able to advise you further.

Please also make sure that your payment card is set up by your card issuer for international payments. If you use the PayPal payment option, please check with them first before contacting us.

Has my payment gone through?

Check if you’ve received an order confirmation email from us.

This should be sent as soon as you’ve placed your order. If you haven’t received a confirmation email after an hour, let us know and we’ll check the status of the payment for you.

2/ Labssa store provides you with Payment a cash method in approved offices in several countries.

Delivery Information

Additional delivery information:

Order processing and shipment will be immediately after payment In most cases your whole order will be shipped directly after the payments, however it may be in separate parcels. Exceptions are: “Delayed items” When part of the order is delayed, in which case the delayed items will be dispatched as soon as stock becomes available without any extra costs.

Will I be charged customs fees?

Depending on the value of your order and your specific country, you may be charged customs or import fees once your parcel arrives into your country. As stated in our ‘Terms and Conditions’, these fees must be paid by the customer and won’t be covered by LabssaStore.

As these charges are set by your country and vary between orders, we’re unable to predict what the charges may be. For further information, please contact your local customs office before placing your order.

Customs duties are for some products Customs duties are included in the freight to Algeria

Note: Shipping with private companies to some countries is usually duty-free You will be responsible for assuring that any products you order comply with state and federal government import regulations.

I haven't received my order:

Simply check your email from us. If the parcel shows it’s been delivered, but you haven’t received anything, please let us know and we can help you.

An item is missing from my parcel:

If an item is missing from your parcel, it may be delayed. In this case, it’ll be sent in a separate parcel once we receive further stock at the warehouse. Please check your email as delayed items should be marked with an expected delivery date. Sometimes an item can be sent separately from a different warehouse. If an item is missing from your parcel, please check your delivery note or parcel insert as you should be advised if an item will be sent later. Also, please check if you have received a second email, as this shows that a second parcel has been sent out. If you receive a damaged parcel, please check that all of the items you ordered are inside. If any items are missing or damaged, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you.

I've received the wrong item

We’re really sorry if you received the wrong item/it wasn’t as described. Please contact us as soon as possible, so we can help you further.

Faulty items

I've received a faulty item We’re really sorry you’ve received a faulty item. If the item has a visible fault on receipt, please contact us with details of the fault, so we can advise you what action to take. To find out shipping details: price and time required Please see the details Shipping Information Home page


Unfortunately, we do not currently have a return service

Contact us Information

Contact Information

 If you have a question, we are available to help instantly via live chat. Please click the link below to get started.

(90) 552.311.45.52

I have a Complaint:

If you aren’t happy with any of our products or our service, we want to hear from you. We always want to put things right, so please contact us using the methods below: Email us at Please include your name, address and contact telephone number so that we can get in touch with you as soon as possible.