After verifying your payment, we will process your order, prepare the order and ship it. Processing of requests submitted within the working days before 18:00 Turkish time. The order will be shipped the same day or immediately upon completion of its preparation.

Note: The customer pays the shipping and delivery rights upon receiving the goods

How is shipping:

what are the available shipping methods?

1. Shipping with DHL via DHL Global Mail

2. Shipping is through private companies to import and export clothes.

The details and laws of these companies differ from one country to another.

1. Shipping with DHL:

How much is the shipping cost?

We have the option to ship worldwide via: DHL Global Mail (national mail delivery).

1/ DHL Global Mail will handle the shipment until the parcel reaches the destination country.

After that, the package will be delivered to your local postal services for delivery to your address. “For countries with DHL service

2/ DHL Express Shipping (super-fast) is available to select countries.

The costs for this service range from 07 € to 21 € per kg, depending on the country and type of goods.

How long does delivery take?

For a detailed overview of country-specific delivery times, please look at the table below:

Country DHL Global Mail DHL Express
1 Africa " All the countries "  6-12 days 2-4 days
2 USA 6-12 days 2-4 days
3 Mexico 6-12 days 2-4 days
4 Canada 6-12 days 2-4 days
5 Asia " All the countries" 6-12 days 2-4 days
6 Middle East 12-20 days 6-8 days
7 Europe : Netherlands /Luxembourg/Sweden/Germany 12-16 days 4-8 days
8 Europe : France/Italy /Spain/Portugal/Belgium/ Switzerland/ Danmark/Greece 10-14 days 4-6 days

Does international DHL shipping include customs duties and taxes?

We ship your items with DHL but be aware that additional costs (customs and taxes) may be charged in your country.

If you want to learn about the possible fees applicable in your country, it is best to contact your local customs office.

2. Shipping with private international contracted shipping companies.

How is shipping with private companies

When you order the goods and choose to ship through private companies, a code is created for you at the shipping company. This code includes your private information: full name, country and state, phone number.

«The phone number must be in the service to be contacted when the goods arrive in your country»

What are the shipping rates and how long does it take for the goods to arrive with private companies?

To find out all the details, you can have a look at the following table to know the prices and time required to receive your order through the private shipping companies:

Shipping To Algeria

Category Dimensions Days Price
The Red Shawl 25*60*90 CM Days 18/25 18000 DA
The bleu Shawl 30*60*90 Days 18/25 23000 DA
Colis Carton 50*60*90 CM Days 18/25 24000 DA
"Brands" 35*60*90 CM Days 18/25 26000 DA

Shipping to Europe with private contracted international shipping companies

*The size and dimensions of the carton for shipping to Europe are fixed; The dimensions are as follows : "50*50*80CM" 

Country Days Weight Price
Germany 07/10 Days 0/30 KG 85 Euro
Netherlands 07/10 Days 0/30 KG 85 Euro
Belgium 07/10 Days 0/30 KG 85 Euro
France 07/10 Days 0/30 KG 90 Euro
Spain/Italy/Sweden/England 08/12 Days 0/30 KG 120 Euro
Luxembourg 08/12 Days 0/30 KG 85 Euro
Bologna 08/12 Days 0/30 KG 100 Euro
Austria 08/12 Days 0/30 KG 90 Euro
Denmark 08/12 Days 0/30 KG 130 Euro

Does shipping by private companies include customs duties and taxes?

All orders to the countries mentioned in the previous list for customs clearance are included, and this means that shipping prices include all forms of taxes and customs payment.